• How to grow on Twitter? [2020]

    Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used digital platforms today. Every day, millions of people publish their thoughts, ideas, occurrences or experiences on this social network. However, there are few tweets that get really massive. Do you want to know how to grow on Twitter ? Here’s how to do it! What […]

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    What does it mean to dream of a TikToker?

    Did you just have a dream with a Tik Toker? Do you know him Maybe not? It is very possible that it is for some of the reasons that I tell you in this article. Dreaming about a Tik Toker has meaning, do you want to know which one?  As a marketing technician and digital […]

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    The 5 steps to Buy Instagram Followers

    If you want to buy followers to add to your Instagram account, this is the right place to do it. Many people have used this marketing technique to their advantage and it is time for you to make the same decision. You’ll be glad you made the decision when all is said and done. It’s […]

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    4 Contests you can do on Instagram to grow your Brand

    There are five things you should explain when doing a giveaway. It is very important that you write them in the photo description and that they are easy to understand. What are the rules: Twitter someone, follow your profile, use a specific hashtag, or all of the above.Say which is the prize (preferably that the […]

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    How to know which Twitter lists you are on

    The Twitter lists are a feature that is very useful in the popular social network, being for many users a great option today because there are a lot of users who have been coming to the platform over the years and еhis makes it a perfect way to have greater control over the contents that […]

phone with social media logo
instagrama big brand name
instagram logo on the phone
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